The Global Citizenship Project

a student exchange that actually makes a difference

Values For Future

We strive to promote tolerance, openness, diversity and understanding.

Skills For Future

We believe in new creative ways of learning and empower our participants to develope their language, communication, digital and psychological skills in order to successfully overcome our global challenges.

Solutions For Future

Our program brings together diverse perspectives in a safe & guided environment and offers participants a first hand experience of successfull  international remote teamwork.

Our Project Structure

Each of our exchange projects is approximately six weeks long, takes place eintirely online and is organized into phases explained below.

Phase 1: Join

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  • Get in touch with us and find out about our next available Global Citizenship Project. 

  • We offer video calls with teachers and principles in which we introduce the team, our project, our expectations of participating students and how they benefit, all before you make your decision to join.

  • School students can join as a full class or as individuals. We suggest students to be between 14 and 18 years of age but do not have set restrictions. 

  • Basic English skills are also helpful as our project language is English but our team speaks English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Latvian and we are always happy to help translate. 

  • We use Microsoft Teams for our projects, so it is helpful if participants have some experience using the tool. We do however offer online introduction courses for those who have not.

  • The only real requirement to participate in our project is a stable internet connection, a webcam and of course, a lot of interest in learning.

  • If you decide to join our next project, it is helpful if one teacher acts as our confidant and representative on location, helping us with organisation and communication with the participating students. 

  • Once you've decided to join and everything is prepared, it's on to phase 2!

Phase 2: Pick a Topic & Get to Know Your Team 

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  • About a week before our project starts participants will be sent a video by their teachers with helpful information to prepar for the first session. Watching this video carefully is a mandatory requirement to really benefit from the project.

  • Participants will also have the opportunity to choose a topic they are interested in and would like to work on during the project. 

  • Once the topics are chosen the project really starts. A big online event kicks off the collaboration phase in which we get to know each other and  introduce  our project in more detail, especially the timelime and assignments.

  • Participants then have the opportunity to get to know their assigned team of 4 to 6 members and their personal mentor. 

Phase 3: Grow Together

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  • Participants now get to work together in weekly online meetings in which they have their mentor to ask for help if needed. These meetings are for cooperation and planning and demand invidivual preparation from each participant beforehand.

  • During this phase participants learn to work as an international team in different time zones and with diverse perspectives.

  • Our mentors see themselves as silent observers and motivators. We strive to facilitate a student centered learning environment with less rules and restrictions and more empowerment.

  • In this growth phase we hope to inspire our participants through high quality input on intercultural communication and global education. Mentors challenge their participants to think outside of the box, question their own perspectives and open their minds to new ways of thinking and learning. 

Phase 4: Present Your Group Project

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  • Our Global Citizenship Project has its finale on presentation day when all particpants, mentors and teachers come together once more.

  • Each team has about 15 minutes to present their topic in whichever way they like. Past participants have written books, made websites, powerpoint presentations etc.

  • Each group receives feedback from everyone and answers questions about their topic. 

  • At the end each participant receives an official certificate of participation with a list of skills they have aquired. Each team together with their mentor has the opportunity to reflect on the project and we encourage keeping in touch through chat groups or social media. 

Phase 5: Pass It On

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  • We encourage our participants and teachers to pass on their knowledge and experiences aquired during our Global Citizenship Project. 

  • We hope to inspire participants to become aware of different perspectives and realities, to cultivate empathy and understanding, to improve their language skills and to gain real experience in international asynchronous learning.

  • Our goal is to make global education accessable to as many students as possible, so please share!

Past Project Topics and Presentations

Fake News and Social Media
A Presentation on the connection between social media platforms and the spread of fake news with a focus on mental health consequences for teens worldwide. 

Expressions of Culture Through Fashion
A  clothing brand which combines traditional an modern design from each participants home country. 

Pro-Life Movement and the Right to Abortion
A website designed to inform about different perspectives and reasons for pro-life and pro-choice standpoints in a respectful and understanding way.